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Gangaramaya temple

GANGARAMA. Make your mind religious.

Gangaramaya temple is a one of the most visited places by foreign and local tourists. The reason is the architecture of the building which situated on the water. It’s very rear to have a place like Gangaraya in a city area. The temple is controlling by a one of Sri Lanka’s most famous monks, Galboda Gnanissara Thera. The temple complex exists with a library of ancient books related to history and Buddhism, a museum of collection gifts presented by devotees as well as well-wishers over the years.

Each year, Gangaramaya temple focuses on a great event call Navam Perahera. It has the touch of Sri Lankan tradition, culture and the Buddhisum. This event falls on Nawam full-moon poya day in February. This place is very popular as the center point for extravagant Vesak celebrations and decorations in Colombo city.

Distance : 500m Time : 5 min

Galle Face

GALLE FACE. Enjoy the Colombo city view with sea breeze.

Galle Face, it’s like the face of Colombo city to the Indian Ocean. Next to the south boundary of Colombo Fort is Galle Face, a long stretch of green lawn which is facing to the sea. In historical wars, it was originally cleared by the Dutch to prepare and arrange war cannons of Fort a clear line of fire. Sri Lankans are enjoying the warmth of the freedom and nowadays the Galle Face became to a place where they and enjoy and relax on their leisure times.

This place is most popular among joggers, kite flyers, walkers and on weekends (especially Sunday evenings). Many of food items can be found including Sri Lankan dishes.

Distance : 2.8 km Time : 7 min

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